Suraj Kumar (sunson) wrote,
Suraj Kumar

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Ship Wreck

Sailed ahoy, the ship master
kissing his family good bye
promising to return home
with fish from the seas high

... and so sailed a million men
with keen business acumen
the more we catch
the better we stay even

sure, growth is good
and it gives us our food
it is in our design
to say "All is fine"

metal claws scrape the floor
plastic nets arrest the panic
we don't feel a guilt
don't we do this with silt?

we catch what we want
and what we don't want

every god has told mankind
all is yours what you find
the fuel for a magic making mind

well, what the heck
we failed to honour our check
his ship is a wreck
the ocean is a wreck

(Inspired by Dr.Jeremy Jackson's powerful TED talk (and transcript) on "how we wrecked the ocean")

Tags: environment, fishing, humanity, ocean, poem, poetry, ted

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