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Save the Planet

Oh, today is Earth Hour? That should be okay. I'm okay with turning off a few lights, but let's not turn off the Air conditioner, okay? 'coz It gets too hot in here.

Also, I hope you're not going to ask me to not drive my car. I'd like to cruise and hunt down Cafe lattes - the hunter instinct, you see :) Plus, I use premium grade refined petrol from SHELL in my car - so I guess it pollutes lesser and stuff!.. and of course, SHELL plants trees!

Television isn't considered "light", right? So we're good to watch IPL?

A friend of mine from Yahoo! once had a cool "Green" idea - how about we use both sides of the Toilet Paper?

Talking of saving the planet, I can't help but post George Carlin's video!

Tags: earth hour, green

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