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The web does reflect our collective consciousness. Google trends speaks for itself: Whether its for the term 'organic' or even the general term 'farming' - there seems to be a growing attention to food in news sources all over the web.

We met in June 2009 last at Cubbon park, I guess as part of the same ongoing trend around the world. We're meeting again!

The meet, as before, doesn't have a specific agenda except to share our experiences and ideas on (sustainable) farming.

Here's a brief glimpse of what happened last time:

  • Each person narrated their views of why they're into farming

  • Discussions on Challenges and Techniques (or non-techniques? :) )

  • Sharing references/whereabouts to informational resources on various farming techniques (both in cyberspace and meatspace)

  • Mr.Cheluvaraj gave Organic seeds to folks

... and this time, I'm giving the next-gen of the same seeds :)

Venue: Cubbon Park M.G.Road entrance (opp. Jewels de Paragon building)
Start time: 10:00 AM
Date: 28 Feb 2010

All Are Welcome!

PS: I'm bringing my dad who has accrued more knowledge and experiences (and has developed our farm too :) ) by several times in the process.