Suraj Kumar (sunson) wrote,
Suraj Kumar

What the environmentalists should really do

Believe me, nobody is going to pay heed to what the Environmentalists are crying wolves about - The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. I place a bold bet right now: Before end of 2009, man will set foot in ANWR to extract oil.

The question that the Environmentalists really need to ask, IMO, is this:
  • Do we want a world where ANWR remains pristine and the rest of the world is still continuing to rape the planet?
  • Do we want to have some say in bringing out reforms and laws by using ANWR as a 'bait'?

I'd say, pick the latter. Here is why:
  • Its suicide to prevent access to the oil in ANWR. The environmentalists have to understand its NOT possible to switch to other sources overnight.
  • ANWR is a lost-cause, anyway. If you don't let them drill, they will drill. Its a matter of time before the urgency pushes us to the edge of drilling inspite of what 'environmentalists' have to say.
  • A lot of good change is possible - get US of A to accept better carbon emission terms and change spending priorities. (Investment in research in renewables. That's not even the amount spent by Internet companies in catering to their data center's power needs!)
Tags: anwr, arctic, global-warming, oil, renewable

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