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Recording: Hey Govinda Hey Anantha

After a long long time, sat with my guitar. In the morning I could clearly see that I was totally out of touch but as time passed, I could sorta get comfortable. Decided to even record a bit. Here is a bhajan song that I learnt up based on what was remaining in my memory, I don't have the song with me, so please feel free to correct me if I've played it wrong. Of course, its a really really brief rendition. Just 3 lines of the song or so. Anyway the bhajan itself is very short, right?

Hey Govinda (~0.5MB, 96 KBPS, MP3, 39s)

Remember: If you see any links on my page (puggy.symonds.net) that is a .mp3 file, try replacing the .mp3 with .3pm. For example, the above file can be reached by hitting http://puggy.symonds.net/~suraj/hey_govinda.3pm.

Oh, and to keep with the 'Thalam' I used the stupid metronome in my effects processor. So please don't complain about those crappy drum sounds.


Feb. 14th, 2006 08:15 pm (UTC)
lol. When I first strummed a guitar after playing the veena for a few years, I was quite irritated because the gammakams I produced were muffled. I have a problem with guitar strings. Sapthaswara surprised me by using guitar strings the lower sa and pa strings. I would have rather preferred the metal kind (brass?) which has a nice sound (and is on every other veena i find, except mine!).

I would love to play the mridangam... maybe the tavil cuz its so loud. haha. I always grow mysteriously deaf after weddings.